Various versions

  • Horizontal, vertical and parallel
  • Large and small dial
  • Short and long stylus
  • Metric reading 0,01mm and 0,002mm
  • English reading .0005’’ and .0001’’


  • Insured and fast maintenance.
  • Each indicator is delivered in a box with 1 key-stylus and 1 dovetail Ø8mm.

CHF 171.30

Main features

  • High sensitivity, repeatability and accuracy (according to DIN 2270 standards).
  • The appliances are tested, highly reliable and have a very neat appearance.
  • Unaffected by magnetic fields.
  • Automatic reversing contact point, with constant clockwise rotation.
  • Easy and error-free reading by only one revolution of the hand.
  • Adjustable bezel and dial.
  • Fully jewelled, completely independent and interchangeable movement. Easily and quickly removed and replaced for maintenance.
  • Rugged one-piece housing provided with 3 dovetails : top, back and front; corrosion resistant with satin chrome finish.
  • Contact point swivel supported in precision ball bearings.
  • Designed for universal applications. Well-suited for workshop use.
  • Interchangeable carbide contact point swivels over 240°.



0.01 mm


0.8 mm




37 mm

Probe length

12 mm